Root Canal Therapy

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canal therapy is usually performed to treat tooth decay and severe infection in the tooth. It is different from a root canal filling, which is a treatment that repairs the tooth. Many people are unaware that their tooth has been infected, but it will cause pain and discoloration of the tooth’s pulp. When the tooth is exposed to bacteria and other germs, it can become filled with pus and decay.

Root Canal Therapy Can Be Used To Relieve Pain

Root canal therapy is a type of dental treatment used to treat a damaged or diseased root of a tooth. A root canal is a medical procedure used in cases of severe tooth decay, which can ultimately lead to the tooth’s removal. In some cases, the nerve that provides the feeling in a tooth may be damaged. This ultimately leads to the tooth being unable to function properly. If a tooth is not able to function properly, it can cause pain and other dental problems. Root canal therapy can be used to relieve pain caused by a damaged nerve.
In many cases, root canal therapy may be a good choice for tooth pain.